Due to economic challenges being faced in the country as well as change of policies in the Ministry of health our hospital has been affected negatively.  From the overview above you find that most of our patients are from farms and are not financially stable hence they require free services most of the time.

In Zimbabwe all lactating mothers, under five children and pregnant mothers receive free services in all hospitals.  Since this segment of population constitute the majority of patients it means that hospital and clinics have a major blow in terms of user fees resulting in our budget dropping down.  Infact we are supposed to cater for the services given to this larger group of patients receiving free services from the hospital/clinics fees from the smaller segment of population who happens to be men and female adults.

The pricing of services offered by hospitals are controlled by AFROZ.  This is board which controls all the charges in hospital and according to the audit carried by PMD pharmacy we have some prices we are to reduce since they were found to be high and we are in the process of implemention.  This again has a negative impact on our finances as a hospital.

Our rural clinics are not supposed to charge any fee and this as well had jeopardised the existence of our UMC clinics.

With this background, below are the challenges we are facing as Old Mutare hospital and they are jeopardising the smooth flow of health delivery services at the hospital as well as that of the clinics under Old Mutare Hospital;

  1. Lack of adequate supply of drugs
  2. Hospital infrastructure is too old and in needs major renovations.
  3. Due to opening of the operating theatre and ceasarian sections the volume of pregnant mothers seeking for services at the hospital has ballooned hence the need for a bigger waiting mothers’ shelter to accommodate all of them. The available shelter no longer accommodates all the mothers hence we are forced to at times put them in maternity ward a situation which is not proper as per health standards.
  4. Shortage of staff accommodation storage space still remains.

Staff shortage in all departments due to freeze is a challenge affecting the health delivery system.



  • Shortage of staff which resulted in 12 mothers being transferred to Mutare Provincial Hospital because our nurse anaesthetics was on vacation leave. The hospital has only one anaesthetics hence if he is on leave there is no services offered.
  • The hospital is in need of hospital linen for the in patients especially for maternity wing. Mothers are coming in numbers and the blankets and sheets are minimal and torn